Project Folio

Sun Metals Solar Farm

Description: Sun Metals Solar Farm

Location: Townsville, QLD

When: 02/18 – 10/18

Contracting Sector: Private High Voltage – Metal Refinery

Project Overview

Technicians from Noble Power Solutions were engaged to undertake pre-commissioning testing of the new 33kV reticulation system for the 124MW Sun Metals Solar Farm. With the technicians demonstrating competence and significant experience in large-scale project commissioning ,this scope was expanded to include all testing and commissioning activities – including commissioning management – for the project. This scope increase saw Noble Power Solutions technicians completing all anticipated high voltage pre-commissioning including switchgear, transformers, protection and control systems, high voltage cables and so forth as well as testing of photovoltaic systems and integration with vendor supplied DC/AC inverter systems.

Through the scope increase Noble Power Solutions was also required to undertake the hold point generator performance standard (GPS) tests for the generation system as the generation levels were raised to full output. Through the GPS testing process Noble Power Solutions technicians have worked closely with the client, equipment manufacturers, consulting engineers, Network Service Providers and AEMO to progress the project towards completion.

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